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Gaozhou Yihang Food Co., Ltd.

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Gaozhou Yihang Food Co., Ltd. is one has the independent import and export rights factory, is a the agricultural products processing and postnatal service individual business enterprises. The company always adhere to the "high starting point, high standard, high efficiency and construction planning to the principle of management" of ", in order to LianNong production base, build, create brand extension, on the scale, market, to increase performance "as the guiding ideology, implement the" company + base + standard + agricultural products "of industrialization way. Professional production and the corresponding one-time spice products: pepper bag, refined salt packet, salt and pepper league bag, sugar packets, cream bag and wet towel. Cutlery aircraft tableware portfolio. Packing specification: 25 * 38 mm, 25 * 55 mm, 35 * 45 mm, 35 * 55 mm. Net weight: 0.1 to 10 grams. Packing materials: drench film paper, paper, paper after the aluminum film. (specifications, design, weight can be according to the needs of the customers to tailor a) pepper USES local natural wild black pepper, is located in the 1500 meters mountain based majestic mountains, draw toward the fog dew rain, long-term eliminate no fertilizer. Spicy, pure green food, reliable quality, certificate is complete, the reasonable price!Product is used in the fast-food chain, aviation supporting tableware, supermarket. Hotel hotel. And for some domestic produce the disposable plastic cutlery manufacturers products export, exports to the United States, Canada, France, etc. The inspection certificate is complete, according to the GMP standard strict design, production, management and operation, make the overall operation mechanism better and better, the considerable size.Hope is interested in the merchants call understand, with light!!!